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TMSS is one of the largest NGO in Bangladesh. It has been working since 1964 towards women empowerment through an inclusive development approach with a strong focus on Diversity Equality & Inclusive (DEI). For longer term sustainability, TMSS run a number of businesses and TMSS ICT Limited is one of them.

Started in 2009,   TMSS ICT  is providing the best ICT Solution in the country and beyond. TMSS ICT is the leading ISO 27001:2013 certified Software Company in the country which has almost 95% repeated clients serving 6+ millions members. As one of the biggest change makers in the Bangladeshi IT industry, TMSS ICT aims to provide user friendly and high quality IT solutions. TMSS ICT is well known for its excellence in software, ERP, Mobile Apps, Web technology, IT Training, SMS services and Server installation & maintenance services including 24/7 customer care services. TMSS ICT has 72 national experts with international top-down guidance.

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Software Service

One of the most popular forms of cloud computing is software as a service (SaaS).

SMS Service

Short message service (SMS) is one of the most popular services.

Trainining as CSR

We provide CSR training to improve employee performance

Career in Japan

We train Japanese Language to build your career in Japan.

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