Functional Microfinance

Duration 05 months in class and 01 month field internship Objectives Understanding the Operation of Microfinance Institutions (MFI) andMicrofinance Funding, it is necessary for all concerned, especially those who want to build career in the microfinance sector to understand the operation of the microfinance program and institutions for the targetbeneficiaries and microfinance activities including micro-enterprises; […]

SWIFT Usage & Security

Duration: 05 Days Objectives: Programming languages don’t die easily, but development shops that cling to fadingparadigms do. If you’re developing apps for mobile devices and you haven’t investigatedSwift, take note: Swift will not only supplant Objective-C when it comes to developing appsfor the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and devices to come, but it will […]

Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA) Review Course

Duration 06 Months / 03 Months Objectives The CISA Review Manual is a comprehensive reference guide designed to help individualsprepare for the CISA exam and understand the roles and responsibilities of an informationsystems (IS) auditor. The manual has been prepared according to the 2016 CISA Job practice and represents the most current, comprehensive, peer-reviewed IS […]

Green Banking

Duration 05 Days Objectives To discuss/analyze concepts, policies, rules, regulations, instruments and administrative framework related to Green Banking. To familiarize the participants with the involvement of banks and other organizations for developing relevant skills. To discuss the problems and potentials of introducing Green Banking in banks in Bangladesh. Contents Target group Executive Officers andManagers.

SME Credit Risk Management

Duration 05 Days Objectives To provide the participants with a holistic understanding of the methodologies aiming at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the potential borrower‘s business. To enable the participants to form opinions regarding loan sanction or decline. Contents Target group Executive Officers and BranchManagers.

ISO 27001

Duration 06 Days Objectives Peter Ducker (one of the most influential thinkers on the subject of management theory) said “Whatgets measured gets managed”. The same goes for information security – if you don‘t know how wellyou are doing, you‘ll have a very difficult time steering your information security in the desired direction. And it is […]

IT Security and Fraud Prevention

Duration 06 Days Objectives Fraud prevention is an increasingly important issue, particularly for organizations with an online presence. In fact, cybercrime is big and getting bigger every day. Some do it out of fun, some for showing their cyber mite to embarrass hacked agency, some for making financial gain. So in any case organizations must […]