Education ERP

Education ERP


With us, you can order your own school management software, with the necessary specifications of your choice. You just name the thing you want on your software we will ake it as the way you want it to be. We are the best and leading software building agency of Bangladesh. We can make your dream Best school management software in a heartbeat. To order or consult, contact us . Some important features of a Best School Management Software are given below.

Let's Visit Our Best Features

Student Management

It helps to keep a profile record of every student of an educational institution.

Teacher Management

Profiles of the teachers can be stored.

Attendance Management

Attendance of both students and teachers can be maintained and recorded.

Library Management

With this software, records in a library can also be kept.

Routine and Time-Table Management

The routine and Time-Table can be managed by this single software.

Role Base Access control

Implementing processes and procedures to prevent errors, fraud, and misappropriation of funds. This ensures the integrity of financial data.

SMS and Email Notification

Ensuring information of students attendence, reports as a notice by sending SMS.

Accounting Management

All Accounting report and income expense all over information

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