Functional Microfinance


05 months in class and 01 month field internship


Understanding the Operation of Microfinance Institutions (MFI) and
Microfinance Funding, it is necessary for all concerned, especially those

who want to build career in the microfinance sector to understand the

operation of the microfinance program and institutions for the target
beneficiaries and microfinance activities including micro-enterprises;

and how they source funds from them.


  1. Understanding of Microfinance
  2. Legal and Regulatory Framework for Microfinance Institutions
  3. Microfinance Management Principles, Methodologies and best Practices
  4. An Overview of Microfinance Products, Services and Delivery Mechanisms
  5. Microfinance Operation Policies, Procedures, And Terms & Conditions (Step-By-Step)
  6. Appraisals and Recovery Techniques In Microfinance
  7. Delinquency Prevention and Management in Microfinance Institutions
  8. Risk Management and Internal Control and External Audit of Microfinance Institutions
  9. Credit Discipline and Monitoring
  10. Financial Performance and Investment In Microfinance
  11. Financial Management for efficiency in Microfinance
  12. Financial Management for Microfinance Practitioners
  13. Human Resources Management
  14. Microfinance Software

Target group

Suitable for who wants to develop carrier in MFI sector, practitioners,
operators and regulators of microfinance and banks, owners of MSEs

and SMEs and managers.