Green Banking


05 Days


To discuss/analyze concepts, policies, rules, regulations, instruments and administrative framework related to Green Banking. To familiarize the participants with the involvement of banks and other organizations for developing relevant skills. To discuss the problems and potentials of introducing Green Banking in banks in Bangladesh.


  1. Concept, Evolution, Functions, Benefits, Policies, Regulations, Types
  2. Environmental Issues: Local, National, Private and Global Initiatives
  3. CSR and Green Banking
  4. International Conventions, Treaties, Guidelines and Standards
  5. Policy and Regulatory Environment for Green Banking in Bangladesh
  6. BB Policy Guidelines for Environmental Risk Management
  7. Online Banking and Green Banking, Energy Efficiency, Paper Saving, Water Saving, Waste Management in Banks
  8. Product Ecology, Green Financing of Banks, Carbon Finance, Designing Green Projects
  9. Eco-friendly Project, Water Pollution and Restoration, Air Pollution and Control, Solid Waste Treatment, Programmed Forestry and Conservation of Biodiversity, Risk Identification and Mitigation Technique
  10. The Challenges and Potentials of Green Banking in Bangladesh.
  11. Reporting of Green Banking Initiatives, International and National Initiatives, GRI Guidelines.

Target group

Executive Officers and