IT Security and Fraud Prevention


06 Days


Fraud prevention is an increasingly important issue, particularly for organizations with an online presence. In fact, cybercrime is big and getting bigger every day. Some do it out of fun, some for showing their cyber mite to embarrass hacked agency, some for making financial gain. So in any case organizations must equip themselves to protect their system. But protecting cyber security is quite important and difficult as well.

Organizations protect their system by highly dedicated and competent teams.

As for banking, it is going digital to reach customers instantly and give real-time service. Commercial banks and central bank including IMF system faced cyber challenge.

So, the System must be alert to keep it safe, secure and speedy.


  1. Information Security
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Cyber Crime/Ethical Hacking
  4. ATM Fraud
  5. POS Fraud
  6. IT Compliance
  7. PCI DSS
  8. Core Banking Security
  9. Payment Card Security
  10. Internet Banking Security
  11. Security Information
  12. Event Management
  13. Hacking Prevention

Target group

Desk-level officials of scheduled banks.