Company: TMSS
Country: Bangladesh


Language: PHP
Framework: Laravel
Database Engine: MySQL
JS: JQery


Link: http://mikrof.com

  • Fully real time web based solution. No separate data synchronization is needed
  • Well implemented cashless branch system with better security and electronic transactions
  • Availability of Microfin360 inspired smart card for unique borrower identification and flawless transaction
  • Users are able to process and manage data at the institutional level, both at central offices and in remote locations
  • No need to invest on costly data centers. The entire application is hosted in our lightening fast and secure data center
  • Integrated push-pull SMS notification service enabled both for management and borrowers
  • Completely paperless collection is enabled through android app
  • Reduce processing time by 200%
  • Improve overall organizational efficiency and profitability
  • Easy and faster migration process with fail-over mechanism
  • Remote access to get information anytime anywhere
  • Mobile/Tab friendly application
  • Dash-board driven information of MFI and all its branches
  • Easy and centralized administration
  • Auto ID configuration for Branch, group/center, member/borrower, loan and savings/deposits, employee, vouchers
  • Funding Organization & Regulatory Authority compliant reports
  • Track financial transactions and create reports for management, donors, and regulators
  • Become more systematic in their operating procedures in order to handle a much larger volume of information
  • Establish transparency and good governance
  • More than 200 parameterized daily, weekly, monthly and date range wise reports and registers
  • Low bandwidth friendly – suitable for remote places using cellular networks
  • Integrated core modules
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Accounting Information System (AIS)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Define unlimited number of loan product types with customizable repayment behavior
  • Instant SMS notification on Loan disbursement and Loan Transaction
  • Identification of good and bad loanee
  • Flat
  • Declining balance – equal monthly installments (EMI)
  • Declining balance – equal principal installments
  • Declining balance – Index Based
  • Loan-wise predefined schedule preparing
  • Target set and achievement analysis based on loan activity
  • Ability to schedule loan disbursals and repayments independent of meeting schedules
  • Loan defaults based on previous loan amounts or cycle
  • Define grace periods for loan repayments
  • Support for periodic fees, fees deducted at disbursement, one-time fees, and penalty charges
  • Support for early & partial loan repayments with rebate facility
  • Display of loan repayment schedules and detail loan account activity pages
  • Automatic update of repayment schedule if client/group’s meeting day changes
  • Variable loan installments and support for adjustments
  • Support for adjustments
  • Allows loan write off
  • Automatically change loan account state
  • Repay total loan at any point in loan cycle
  • Add notes to loan records
  • Support for loan rescheduling
  • Support for back-dated payments with automatic voucher update
  • Ability to generate voucher and receipts directly from loan account page
  • Allows loan waiver for death member
  • Allows loan write off
  • Dashboard driven module that provides information of MFI/individual branches
  • Auto voucher code configuration
  • Search voucher by prefix/suffix/transaction date etc.
  • All MIS financial transactions triggers auto accounting vouchers
  • System allows manual vouchers for regular expenditures and other operations
  • Fund transfer among branches
  • Supports budget/budget variance
  • Support for Bangla and English. Easy to localize to other languages
  • Ability to specify all install-time configurations
  • User-interface to configure system configurations
  • Specify supported payment types (cash, voucher, checks)
  • Define unlimited custom fields for client, group, center, accounts and system users
  • Ability to schedule holidays and loan moratoriums (office and branch-wise) and have loan, savings, and fee schedules automatically updated
  • Built in Practice/Training session
  • Web Based System
  • Customization
  • High Security
  • Easy interface with Comprehensive Accounts Software
  • No Manual integration of multiple branch reports into a consolidated central report
  • Easy to monitor and track Branch activities and Financial performance

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Multiple Office/Branch Setup
  • Employees
  • Groups
  • Migration


  • Member Information
  • Member Group Transfer
  • Member Closing
  • Member Reports


  • Savings Products
  • Savings Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Savings Closing
  • Saving Reports

  • Loan Products
  • Loan Accounts, Transaction
  • Death Member Register, Waiver
  • Loan Rebates
  • Loan Write off
  • Loan Reports


  • Transaction Authorization
  • Transaction Un-authorization
  • Collection Sheet
  • Day End and Month End Process


  • Standard Reports
  • Pre-formatted Reports
  • Customized Reports