Mikrof (Micro-Banking Software)

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In the light of 52 years of experience in microfinance management, TMSS ict limited has developed Micro Banking ERP. By using its e-pass book, collections can be done through a tab or smart phone and members get SMS notifications on their mobiles as soon as they deposit their savings or loan installments. Micro Banking ERP is a complete solution. This solution combines all the benefits from membership application to savings and loan installment notification.

Let's Visit Our Best Features

Data Management

The complexity of microfinance activities, efficient data management is crucial. The solution provides tools for data entry, storage, retrieval and reporting.

Efficiency and Accuracy

By automating various processes, micro banking ERP will help improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce human errors and manual work.

E-Pass Book and Mobile Collections

The use of e-pass books and mobile devices (tablets or smartphones) for collections simplifies the process of gathering savings and loan installments from members.

Financial Transparency

The system might offer transparency in financial operations, allowing members to have clearer insights into their accounts, transactions, and balances.

SMS Notifications

We can help members stay updated about their financial transactions by sending SMS notifications after depositing savings or loan installments.


Given the sensitive nature of financial transactions and personal data, the system incorporate strong security measures to protect both member information and financial data.

Online Reporting System

Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools are often part of ERP. These can assist in decision making, performance monitoring and compliance.

Modular Section

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