Project Canvas

Project MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Project Canvas)

Project Canvas software is built with some special features. Through the use of this software, e-verve, feasibility studies, projects and activities, results monitoring specifications, decisions and project costing are all realized.

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Best Features

Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, executing, monitoring, and closing a project to achieve specific goals and objectives within a defined scope, budget, and timeline.

Training Management

Training management involves various activities aimed at developing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of employees to improve their job performance and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Automated Reporting System

An Automated Reporting System (ARS) generate, compile, and distribute reports automatically without the need for manual intervention. These systems are widely used in various industries and organizations to streamline the reporting process, save time, reduce errors, and ensure that stakeholders receive timely and accurate information.

Server Side Validation

Server-side validation is a critical security and data integrity measure that helps ensure the information submitted by users is accurate, safe, and consistent.

Financial Reports

Creating budgets for various periods and comparing actual financial results to projected figures. This helps in monitoring performance and making informed decisions.

Bank Reconciliation

Ensuring compliance with tax regulations, calculating tax liabilities, and preparing accurate tax returns.

Effortless Software Operating System

Implementing processes and procedures to prevent errors, fraud, and misappropriation of funds. This ensures the integrity of financial data.

Project Task & Event Management

Project task and event management are essential aspects of planning, organizing, and executing various activities, whether they are related to business projects, personal projects, or events.

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