Skill for Employment Investment Program-BB

Bangladesh Bank is working for the economical advancement of Bangladesh with a target of 2050 through Economic Growth and Human Development. Considering the job market in Bangladesh and other economical matters, through SEIP project is initiated with SDCMY on 7th May 2015 and launched all over Bangladesh. The project is specially focused on Human Development of the beneficiary families and ensures them with demand driven skill-based training and enroll them with wage and self employment. Different organizations are jointly financing with Asian Development Bank, GoB and Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC).

TMSS has organized 6 (six) training Program with Bangladesh Bank in 2015-18 FY. There were two batches of Professional Freelancing (50 person), two batches of Graphics Design (50 person), one batch of Web Design and Development (25 persons) and one batch of IT maintenance & servicing (25person). In total 150 person were trained and in process of Job Placement by TMSS.

In ongoing year, 2016-17 FY there are ongoing training programs in TMSS ICT Training Centers, such as: four batches of Professional Freelancing, four batches of Graphic Design, two batches of Web Design and Development, three batches of IT Maintenance Servicing and under these programs 325 person will be trained and followed up for Job placement.

Presently TMSS ICT has 4 Centers allover Bangladesh for organizing training for SEIP-BB. The training capacities are given below:


1TMSS ICT Training Center, Sylhet50 PersonsResidential (AC)
2TMSS ICT Training Center, Barishal50 PersonsResidential
3TMSS ICT Training Center, Rangpur 50 PersonsResidential (AC)

All the Training Centers are staffed with qualified trainers, administrative staffs with equipped Lab and Classroom, residence and canteen facilities.