Document Management System (DocVue)

Document management plays a vital role in any type of organization. Especially in manufacturing company, the importance of having an Document management software solution is endless. It also assists the top management in the salary, attendance & efficiency of the employee to take decision eventually, against or in favor of the document. To make our Document Management System software in Bangladesh as a unique one. We have integrated some modules which makes it the best Document management System software in Bangladesh. Some modules of our Document Management System software in Bangladesh are:


Company: TMSS
Country: Bangladesh


Language: PHP
Framework: Laravel
Database Engine: sql
JS: JQery


User name:

Feature of the Product

  1. Documents and Form Management:
    • Document Archiving and Indexing
    • Indexing of all documents
    • Custom Automatic Document
  2. Numbering:
    • Content recognition and indexing
  3. Categorical Search and Text search:
    • Safe and Powerful search
    • Advanced search on all document attributes
  1. Document Security:
    • Audit Trail
    • User and Roles
    • Advanced Access rights attributes
  2. Customization:
    • Generate Custom Fields and Reports
    • Add custom Document Attributes
    • Dashboard
  3. Role Based Access Control


  • Electronic Archive of Documents with facility to search and review
  • Share and Collaborate Documents
  • On the go document review