SME Credit Risk Management


05 Days


To provide the participants with a holistic understanding of the methodologies aiming at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the potential borrower‘s business. To enable the participants to form opinions regarding loan sanction or decline.


  1. Overview of the SME Credit Risk Components and “Best Practice”
  2. Nature and Complexity of Providing Loans to Small Businesses
  3. Legal Environment of SME Lending: Bangladesh Bank‘s Prudential Regulations
  4. Credit Application and Documents to be Received
  5. Collection, Analysis and Scrutiny of Documents
  6. Site Visit and Interview
  7. Financial Analysis of SMEs
  8. SME Credit Scoring
  9. SME Loan Pricing Based on Credit Risk
  10. Collateral Evaluation, Loan Approval,
  11. Documentation and Disbursement
  12. Techniques of Effective Interaction with SME Clients
  13. Roles, Responsibilities and Attributes of a Good SME Loan Officer.

Target group

Executive Officers and Branch